In this section, I’d just like to name some people and organizations to whom I am quite grateful for the support they provided me in so many different ways.

  • Jeffrey Way : Creator of, is one of my most favorite programmers out there, who helped me immensely grow when I joined the programming world.

  • Jasper : Jasper is one of the few open source virtual assistants that works in Rasberry PI, the lads which built has done a really good job, even though Stephanie is written from scratch, few good design patterns were used from their application, I was inspired by some of their modules and have used somewhat a similar way of documentation. I think the only place where stephanie outskills the Jasper is it’s intricate algorithm for intent recognition, more modern modules, a more framework rather application approach, different configurations, engines and so forth, and easy to work, without a need of any hardware other than minimalistic speaker and mic.

  • Noun Project : Their icons are simply amazing!

  • StackExchange : Well, how can I forget my biggest source of knowledge alonside books which helped me solve limitless problems over the course.

  • Books : Some amazing books like Clean Code by RC Martin, Refactoring by Kent Beck and Martin Fowler, Introduction to Algorithms, Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides and many more.

  • Open Source Community : The entire open source community not just limited to python but to any programming language in general which helped me improve my understanding of programming whether it be Java, Haskell, PHP, Javascript, Ruby or so on, since languages are more often than not similar tools and core fundamentals is the manual to learn any tool.

  • Friends : Platypus and HufflyPuffy are two of my really close friends who always supported me through thick and thin. HufflyPuffy, our contract is still on.