3rd Party Modules


This section is dedicated for all of the modules built by the community in one place so that anyone can search it quickly and effectively.

Note : Make sure to double check any 3rd party module before installing in order to make sure you’re privacy stays intact.

Test Module

write a short discription.

Setting Up

  • Details on how to install it with stephanie.


  • Some basic usage.

Link to your given module.

Joke Module

This is a joke module which fetches some jokes from www.goodbadjokes.com and speaks it out through Stephanie.

Setting Up

  • Download this repository and then copy joke_module.py and paste it to the modules subfolder present in Stephanie Package
  • Open modules.json file, and add this at the very end before the last ending bracket :

      ["JokeModule@TellJoke", ["tell", "joke"]]
  • Somewhat like this (Notice there’s no comma in the end if it’s the last):

          ["SomeOtherModule@DoSomeShit", ['just', 'a', 'sample']],
          ["SomeOtherModule@DoSomeShit", ['just', 'a', 'sample']],
          ["JokeModule@TellJoke", ["tell", "joke"]]
  • And that’s it.


  • Tells a random joke.
    • tell
    • joke


You: Hey Stephanie, tell me a joke.

Stephanie: What did one snowman say to the other snowman?It smells like carrots out here!

Joke Module By Ujjwal Gupta